Chairman's Message
Vision and Mission



Eshta does not build buildings to fill them with people. We build buildings to fulfil people's desires.


Eshta believes that stakeholders invest their money not in the physical building structures, but in the experience of owning it, living in it and working in it. For this reason we endeavor to create properties that satisfy customers' lifestyle needs. Built on the values of location, craftsmanship, innovation and amenities every Eshta property is a lifestyle product that adds value to the lives of their occupants in a unique way.

We insist on working with masters in every aspect that goes into the delivery process of a project so that our projects reflect distinct craftsmanship, quality and value from the initial concept and design to the construction and final handover.

We develop properties with the customers' needs in mind to ensure an environment where occupants can thrive. Whether it is a home where a family can create memories, an office where a business can take flight or a holiday destination where travelers can leave their worries behind, Eshta creates properties that are tailored for specific markets.

By aiming higher than is expected by the industry and stakeholders, Eshta is able to offer products that are of exceptional value. Beyond expectation - that is what we strive for. Beyond quality. Beyond value for money. Beyond responsible development. Beyond luxury. Beyond integrity. Beyond innovation.


Differentiation through innovation
Customer-centric service
Excellence in execution
Distinction through strategic partnerships
Focus through research